What is Search Engine Optimization

SEO Expert jaikantSearch Engine is a tool that helps fetch the information from the vast saved data using the algorithm example Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc are search engines. The result of search may come up with thousands of web links. Most of the viewers click on the topmost web link.

The process of improving the visibility of any website on organic search engine is called Search Engine Optimization. The higher the rank of the page the more number of visitors it will receive.

The search engine optimization is broadly divided in two parts on page optimization and off page optimization. The on page optimization is about web page. The HTML coding, content on the web page and images on the web page plays important role in increasing the rank of the page. Off page optimization involves back links that is the link received from another relevant web page also helps in increasing the rank of the page.

The searches performed by the user are image search, video search, news search, location search, etc. Some unethical techniques like black hat SEO, Gray Hat SEO, etc are used for getting site up in search engine in short period of time but white hat SEO technique is natural and best process to get site up on search engine result page.

Different SEO Techniques

White Hat SEO:

The White Hat SEO is also known as Ethical SEO is implemented to improve the visibility of site on search engine result page. The technique helps integrate the rules of search engine and at the same time it maintains the data integrity of the web page.

Example: A good business practice is to use Ethical ways to improve business. As following the unethical part may get a life time ban or temporarily ban on search engine result page by Google and other search engines.

Black Hat SEO

The Black Hat SEO is also known as Un-Ethical SEO to get higher ranking but by violating rules of search engine. The name Black Hat represents bad boys and is also used for computer hackers, etc who perform unethical job.

Black hat SEO include techniques like Keyword stuffing, Invisible text, doorway pages, sneaky redirection, link manipulation, link schemes etc which violate webmaster guideline and search engine algorithm filtered those thing and ban those websites.

The banning of the website may be temporary or permanent on violating the guidelines of search engine like Google, Bing, etc.

Gray Hat SEO

Gray Hat SEO is a mid way technique of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. The tactics or techniques used in the Gray Hat SEO is difficult to analyze that is it supporting or violating the guidelines of the search engine like Google, Bing, etc. Implementing the Gray Hat SEO may get the website higher rank or can get banned. Using the techniques without violating the Google guidelines will prevent the website from getting banned.

How Search Engine (Google) Works

The Google search engine has programs named crawler or spider which analyze the web page. The indexing of the page is done after the crawling of the web page is done. If the page is un-ethical it is indexed as spam or banned. The search engine search the keyword entered from the data base of 60 trillion websites. The crawling helps the Google to navigate through the website to the links on the webpage. The websites are than sorted by its content and other factors and the information gets saved with the index. The programs, information, tactics and techniques used by the Google search engine delivers the best possible result.

The user when enters the keyword for search and clicks search the search is performed by the algorithms by understanding the meaning. It checks the spelling, offers auto complete option, instant search, etc. The saved files are than checked for the relevant result using the index of the page. The search engine ranks the website and displays the result based on user web history and region and by considering the quality of the page and site and the freshness of the page, etc of over 200 factors and safety factor. The result so displayed is filtered according to language and location. The Algorithms are getting updated constantly and performs universal search to make the user search result more appropriate. In friction of seconds these tasks are performed by the search engine to get best results on search engine result page.

They are designed to filter the spam content which is done 24/7. An automatic scanning is done to filter the spam and action is taken against the website with Un-Ethical content or techniques.

How SEO is Useful for Online Business

SEO plays a very vital role in making the online business successful. The customers perform search using search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Search engine visibility is a must for any online business. Using SEO an online business can improve the ranking of its website which will surely help in getting the faster result. It is all about promoting website by using SEO and getting more number of visitors or clicks. Increased traffic on website will definitely make an online business successful.

What is Search Engine Optimization